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      3. 首頁 > 權屬公司 > 福建天成集團服裝進出口有限公司




            地處東南沿海改革開放城市福州的天成集團服裝進出口有限公司,前身為福建省服裝進出口公司,組建于一九八八年十月,是一家主要經營服裝進出口業務的專業公司。經過多年努力,公司已經發展成為福建省最有實力的外貿專業公司之一。公司通過了ISO9001:2000質量管理體系認證,實行了ERP系統無紙化辦公管理,強化了風險控制,提高了工作效率,完善了公司的作業 流程。公司成立以來在頻繁的國際交往中,始終堅持“信譽第一、質量第一、客戶第一”的宗旨,樹立了良好的商業形象。同時致力于公司"prudance"品牌研發工作,二00一年和二00五年連續兩次被國 家商務部評為“重點支持和發展的品牌出口商品”。產品遠銷歐、澳、亞、非、拉等五大洲近百個國家和地區。公司主要經營各式男、女時裝、休閑裝,包括內衣、運動套裝、馬裝、摩托車服、釣魚裝 及童裝系列,風格獨具、做工精細、質量上乘、交貨及時。同時,公司還兼營箱包、鞋子、日用品、禮品等委托出口業務。奮進、求實、高效永遠是我們的工作準則。

            Fujian Tiancheng Holdings Garments Imp. & Exp. Corp. Ltd is located in Fuzhou, the south-east city of China. Previously named as Fujian Garments Imp.& Exp. Corp., it was founded in Oct. 1988 , specializing in woven and knitting apparel business. After years’ growth, the company is now developed to a professional Chinese leading supplier in the textile sector. We have certification of ISO9001:2000 approval, ERP free-paper business computer system, and consistent management on risk control and process efficiency. Our motto is “reputation first, Top quality and customer value-added” . All of these brings to the company a good Corporate Image in the international business transactions. In the mean time, we are paying efforts to R &D of own brand “prudance”, which was twice awarded as "Famous Chinese Export Brand Name to support " by the Ministry of Commerce, China in 2001 and 2005.
            Our major business is covering Europe, Australia, USA , Africa, South America, almost all over the world, including men and women’s garments such as Ridding wear, Underwear, Sport wear (motor-cycling, fishing, ski) , children’s wear, knitwear Etc. we also export bag & cases ,footwear , arts & crafts, gifts. Our unique design, better quality, and delivery-in-time is a guarantee to your business order. A team of diligence, hard-working and efficient crew is what you can count on from our service.


           Leissure Wear、Children’s Wear、Shoes、Bags&Casas


        公司地址:中國福州市湖東路154號中山大廈21-22層                        郵編:350003 
        address:21-22F,Zhongshan Building,154 Hudong Road,Fuzhou,China 
        公司網站:www.prudance.cn                                            E-mail:fjgiec@pub1.fz.fj.cn
        法人代表:蔣建明                                                     總經理:高漳生
        聯系電話:87873926                                                   傳真:87824383

        閩公網安備 35010202000080號