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      3. 首頁 > 權屬公司 > 福建華瑞商貿有限公司




            福建華瑞商貿有限公司成立于2001年12月,是中國(福建)對外貿易中心集團有限責任公司下屬福建華浩實業有限公司的全資子公司。公司是一家綜合性的國有進出口企業,注冊資本為人民幣1000萬元,現有職工30人,2012年進出口額達5000萬美元。本公司重合同,守信用,在外貿行業已樹立良好的商業形象,并贏得了中外客戶的一致好評。嚴格的內部管理制度和長期的外貿 實踐造就了一批高素質的業務人員,使公司充滿了生機和活力,公司秉承“顧客至上,銳意進取”的經營理念,堅持“客戶第一”的原則為廣大客戶提供優質的服務。歡迎各界蒞臨我司洽談各類業務。
            Fujian holly trading Co., LTD was founded in December 2001, Holly is  fujian HuaHao industry co., LTD’ subsidiary ,It is a comprehensive state-owned Export and import enterprise, with a registered capital of RMB 10 million yuan, existing staff 30,in 2012, Exports and import amounted to 50 million dollars, in export company The regard contract, keep credit, trade industry has set up good business image, and win good The foreign guest trust etc. Within the strict management and long-term trade practice produced A person of high grain quality, make business and company is full of vigor and vitality. Company "The customer to take", in the camp into household concept, adhere to the "customer first" principle For the customer provide high quality service. Welcome cooperation !


           各類電器機械及器材、電子產品、通信設備、交電、電子計算機及零配件;礦產品、化工原料、建筑材料、金屬材料、日用百貨、潤滑油、燃料油的批發、代購帶銷;自營和代理各 類機電、汽配、摩配、船舶、紡織、服裝、鞋類、工藝品、水產、食品、糧油、土蓄、化工、醫療器械等商品和技術的進出口業務;批發預包裝食品;經營三類醫用設備及儀器;批發:石腦油、甲醇、 二甲苯、丙烯、丙烷、正丁烷、丁烯、丁二烯、異丁烯。

            Main business scope and products

            All kinds of electrical machinery and equipment, electronic products, communications equipment, electricity, computers and spare parts; Mineral products, chemical raw materials, building materials, metal materials, daily provisions, lubricating oil, fuel oil wholesale, act as purchasing agency pin; Self-management and agent each kind of mechanical and electrical, auto parts, rubing matching, shipbuilding, textiles, clothing, footwear, arts and crafts, aquatic products, food, grain and oil, soil storage, chemical industry, medical equipment and other goods and technology import and export business; Wholesale prepackaged food; Three types of medical equipment and instruments; Wholesale: naphtha, xylene, methanol, propylene, propane, butane and butene, butadiene, isobutene.


         公司地址:福建省福州市五四路75號外貿中心大樓10層  郵編:350001
         Address:10/F.,Fujian foreign trade centre,No.75,wusi Road,Fuzhou,Fujian,China. 
         公司網站:www.fjhuahao.cn  E-mail:brookwong@fjholly.cn 
         法人代表:高少波  總經理:高少波
         聯系電話:0086-591-87524378  傳真:0086-591-87525840

        閩公網安備 35010202000080號